Better Food Stories: Real Plans

This is episode six of the Better Food Stories interview series, which includes conversations with the entrepreneurs behind some of today’s newest and most innovative food brands.

Meal planning can make a huge difference when it comes to starting — and sticking to — a healthier diet. And, as any thrifty home cook knows, it’s also a great way to save you time and money. 


Still, meal planning is not without its challenges, especially if you cooking for a family, navigating food allergies or trying to satisfy a house full of picky eaters. How do you plan a menu that’s easy, affordable and won’t get boring by the time Wednesday hits? Plus, how to do you build a shopping list for a week’s worth of meals?

It was these questions that gave food blogger Emily Bartlett that ‘Aha’ moment and eventually led her to start a company together with her husband, Antony.

Emily and Antony Bartlett.jpg

If you are familiar with a lot of the food blogs out there like Nom Nom Paleo, Wellness Mama, Fed and Fit then you probably have heard of Real Plans. They’re a meal-planning app that lets you easily customize menus based on food preferences, food allergies and even specific diets. So, say you’re following a specific plan like Keto or Whole 30, this app will customize meal plans for you and your family, and even put together an entire grocery list for you.


If you love meal planning for your family, or even if you hate meal planning because of how overwhelming it cam be, you’re going to love everything that Real Plans can help with.

In my conversation with Emily and Antony, you’ll learn:

  • How Emily’s journey as a food blogger inspired Real Plans

  • How Real Plans is using AI to help connect people back to REAL food

  • How the Real Plans team is leveraging partnership with food influencers to widen their reach

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Adria Greenhauff