How to Be a Food Influencer in 2019 with Kimia Kalbasi of Kimia's Kravings

This is episode 24 of the Better Food Stories interview series, which includes conversations with the trendsetters of today’s food industry.


In a world of infinite food blogs and 15-second Instagram videos, being a successful food influencer doesn’t come in easy in 2019  – but it’s also not impossible.

Photo courtesy of Kimia Kalbasi

Photo courtesy of Kimia Kalbasi

Today on podcast I’m talking to my friend and fellow foodie Kimia Kalbasi, a San Francisco-based food and lifestyle content creator and expert in social media storytelling and community building. 


In this info-packed conversation, you’ll learn: 

How Kimia built a name for herself in this highly competitive space

What it takes to grow your Instagram following in 2019

How food bloggers and content creators can work with brands 

How brands can connect with their ideal influencers and create authentic and successful marketing campaigns (hint: it’s not all about followers)

We also dive into the topic of fake influencers, fake following and fake engagement and how brands can avoid it.

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Adria Greenhauff