Better Food Stories: Emmy's Organics

This is episode 12 of the Better Food Stories interview series, which includes conversations with the entrepreneurs behind some of today’s newest and most innovative food brands.


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Eight years ago, Samantha Abrams was inspired to start a food company when her partner, Ian, taught her his secret coconut cookie recipe — a clean vegan treat that worked with his food allergies. Starting with little more than this homemade recipe and a passion for health & well-being, Samantha began selling the cookies at a small farmer’s market in Ithaca, NY. 


Today, Emmy’s Organics can be found in 20,000 retailers nationwide — from Starbucks to Whole Foods — and continues to grow with Ian & Samantha at the helm. 


How does a small, woman-owned cookie business morph into a multimillion dollar food company?

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Adria Greenhauff