Better Food Stories: 10th Avenue Tea

This is episode two of the Better Food Stories interview series, which includes conversations with the entrepreneurs behind some of today’s newest and most innovative food brands.

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and that idea couldn’t be more true Ann Foley, a Chicago food entrepreneur and one half of the creative force behind the brand, 10th Avenue Tea.

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10th Avenue tea is an all-natural instant matcha tea powder company. Its products, which range from green tea to tropical flavor matcha, come in unique tin shaker bottles. To use, you simply twist open the cap, put 4–6 shakes of the tea powder into your cup, add hot (or cold) water, and enjoy. It’s quick, easy and, because with 45 individual servings in each tiny bottle, you can enjoy multiple cups of tea with minimal waste.

The idea behind 10th Avenue Tea was inspired after Foley read a shocking article about the enormous amount of waste produced by a popular brand of single serve coffee. “9 billion of these [single serve coffee pods] go into landfills each year,” Foley told me. “That’s enough to line the world 10 times.”

Determined to create a more eco-friendly beverage option, Foley, a tea lover, got together with her sister-in-law Morgan to create 10th Avenue Tea, named after the Chicago street Foley lives on.

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I recently sat down with Ann Foley to learn how she and her business partner went from idea to successful business. Some key takeaways include:

  • Why a clear brand purpose is so important in business.

  • How Foley and her partner created a new category in instant tea and what they’re doing to education consumers.

  • How its possible to get a business off the ground, even with very little money.

  • The role that mentors played in Foley’s success as an entrepreneur.

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